UK Parents Express Concerns over World Cup Gambling Adverts

During the recent FIFA World Cup, numerous television viewers across the UK complained of too many adverts that centered on gambling. Independent studies have as a matter of fact deduced that a combined 90 minutes of betting-related adverts were beamed to the UK screens throughout the four-week tournament.

This did not go well with most parents and caregivers in the nation. In light of this, well over 115 complaints were lodged to the UK advertising watchdog by viewers across the nation at that time. Most of the complaints were about the frequency of the adverts, the exposure of the same to small children, and the pressure tactics that were employed to push through the betting agenda.

Most parents expressed concerns that these adverts tend to make gambling appear a normal or acceptable way of life. They also decried the enticing and pressure language that the betting firms used to push their message. These, they claimed, included such terms as ‘Bet Now,’ and ‘bet in play, now!’ among others.

Under the prevailing terms of references, no gambling adverts are to be screen before the watershed moments of 9 PM onwards. The same case applies to programs or channels that are exclusively dedicated to children entertainment. Moreover, such firms are prohibited from using tactics and languages that are designed to coerce people to gamble. These rules do not, however, prohibit firms from promoting live odds when matches are in progress.

There was also a general consensus among the viewers that these adverts ate some of the time that was allocated to the FIFA matches. They subsequently asked the UK’s advertising watchdog, Advertising Standards Authority, to step in and rein on the menace.

After the formal receipt of these complains, the UK’s advertising watchdog decided to embark on independent investigations. At the moment, the watchdog agency is evaluating those complaints to ascertain whether they indeed meet the threshold that is necessary for a formal investigation.

The watchdog is also set to determine whether those tactics that were used by the various betting firms violated the stipulated UK advertising codes. Of particular interest to the watchdog agency will be whether the tactics went against the new rules that were established in February to combat problem gambling.

It will be interesting to note the subsequent course of action that the watchdog shall take. This is because FIFA matches do not fall under the jurisdiction of the watchdog. Because of this, watchdog agency lacks the mandate to penalize or enforce such rules on the program.

The watchdog shall most likely follow in the footsteps of other watchdogs world over. They might tighten the noose on gambling adverts and the revenues that are derived from advertising. This is to hinder the popularity and the adoption of gambling as a whole.

Italy, for instance, has taken the lead in doing so. The nation’s Minister for Labour and Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, has already proposed to ban all forms of gambling advertisements. The only exceptions to this rule, he stated, will be the companies that already have advertising contracts.

Australia has also banned any form of advertising during the day, even for live sports. This shall greatly reduce the number of persons who will most likely view the adverts, keep small children off such adverts, and contribute towards combating problem gambling.

The jury is out. It waits to be seen the kinds of recommendations that the watchdog shall propose. It also waits to be seen the reactions and responses that the various stakeholders shall put forth. This is also interesting considering the liberalized nature of much of the UK’s business sectors.


Gaming Tax Online: UK Government Plans to Increase in 2019

The UK government has passed a bill that is set to increase the point of consumption (POC) tax to all online gaming platforms as of 2019. Since the UK government has an obligation to level the playground for both its citizen who gambles as well as the online gambling companies, therefore they decided to raise the POC earlier before they initiate their earlier proposed fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) maximum limits that are scheduled to start on April 2020.

gambling taxThe owners of online casinos seem not to be satisfied by the government’s decision claiming that it will limit on their profits. The government will announce the new POC tax rate before the end of this year.

These new changes on the gambling industry have resulted due to an investigation that was carried out in October 2016 by the competition and markets authority (CMA) to ensure that these gambling companies operate responsibly in accordance to the consumer protection law.

As a result of this investigation, new rules have been suggested in order to create fairness and protect problem gamblers in the gambling sector. On May 2017, the government said that is intending to lower the limits for maximum stakes on FOBT to £2 from the currently set price £100. These FOBT limits pose as a major setback for the online casinos in terms of profits and job loss that is expected to hit them immediately after its implementation.

In 2016 about £4.7 billion gross revenue was generated from the online gambling sector in which this was an approximate of 34% of all money that generated in the gambling economy. With that said if an immediate FOBT implementation will have to take place, the central government will also be affected since it will have reduced the amounts of revenues expected to be collected from online gambling. In addition to that, the issue of FOBTs limits raised major concerns from all shareholders because of its side effects to the overall economy. Due to the treasury concerns about unemployment levels and reduction in revenues, they opted for a raise in the POC taxes and postponing the implementation on FOBT limits.

Other countries like France, Spain, and Australia have already implemented a high tax rate on gambling companies, but as at now, the POC tax in the United Kingdom stays at a 15% rate. Some critics claim that it is a selfish move by the government in the fear that there might be a loss in the budget so raising tax was a way of guaranteeing high revenues before initiating the FOBT limits.

The rise in tax will affect all online casinos whether operating from inside or outside the country as long as your players are from within the UK. It is very evident that this will, in turn, have to make these online gambling firms to raise prices of their odds. Therefore, the effects of increasing the tax will as well be felt by online gamblers since their customers will be the ones financing their burden. The two-year delay between the implementation of the FOBT limits and the POC tax increase would be necessary in avoiding massive instant loss of jobs or closure of the online gambling sites.

The CMA and the gambling commission are in the forefront to ensure all online gambling firms are aware of these new regulations and are ready to monitor all operations as from next year to ensure all online gambling firms comply with these regulations. The government treasury argued that the increase in POC duty would be the key solution to cover any negative impact brought about by the FOBT regulations such as protecting jobs of its citizens who work for online gambling firms and stopping the machines ruining lives of problem gamblers.

Impending Brexit and Its Likely Impact on Gibraltar Gambling Industry

The UK’s imminent departure from the European Union, popularly called Brexit, is expected to severely impact the gambling industry in Gibraltar. This is because most of the safety measures, rules, and regulations that govern trade in the economic zone shall not apply anymore.

The recent dual resignations of two British top ministers i.e. David Davis and Boris Johnson have further exacerbated the situation. Their resignations have shaken the government to the core and created a wave of uncertainty as regards the way forward. Indeed many waits with bated breath to see how the events shall unfold.

As things stand, the gambling firms that operate in Gibraltar are governed by the European Union rules of trade. They are also entitled to the same privileges as their counterparts in the rest of the trading block. Some of the top benefits these firms accrue are unhindered access to the huge market, freedom to move their staff, operations, and bases throughout the entire trading bloc, and protection from adverse competition from international sources.

If and when the Brexit deal is eventually finalized, all firms that set base in Gibraltar are expected to be adversely affected. They shall lose all these privileges. This shall see their stocks and revenue take a nosedive.

In response to these issues, Gibraltar has instituted a host of countermeasures. It has significantly reduced the corporate tax on gambling revenue by a whopping 0.85% (from 1% to a paltry 0.15%). It has also advised gambling businesses that have a base within its territory to identify contingency measures which may aid them to cope with the imminent change of the trade regime.

At the same time, the nation has also raised the license fees in a bit to cater for revenue shortfalls. The license fees are one-time expenses and are such not expected to impact adversely the desirability of Gibraltar as a favorite gambling destination or base.

The license fees of the business-to-consumer gambling companies shall cost $132,000 (£100,000) while those of the business-to-business gambling companies shall cost $112,000 (£85,000) under the new licensing regime.

Some top gambling firms have also decided to take matters into their own hands. They have decided to draft their own contingency plans to counter these issues. The most notable examples of these firms are the Bet365 and 888 Holdings.

These two firms have resolved to move some of their operations to Ireland and Malta. This is in a bid to circumvent the obstacles that are expected to be placed on the path of the companies that set up base in Gibraltar. More gambling firms are expected to follow suit or at least modify their rules of engagements.

Other than the aforementioned issues, the tax schedule is also expected to be severely impacted. This is because the EU requires all firms to be based within its borders for any decision touching on the tax to be made. This will complicate matters further as no firm as of yet has issued an intention to fully relocate its operations.

The stakeholders in the gambling industry are in a flurry of activities aimed at rescuing the gambling business. Most propose that the Brexit deal also stipulate the manner in which gambling shall be treated as a trade. This stems from the fact that service industries of which gambling is a part, have been largely excluded from the ongoing Brexit talks.

A number of stakeholders have contemplated looking to the World Trade Organization to offer the needed way forward. Their argument is hinged on the premise that both the UK and the EU are members of the global trade organization. They are therefore bound by the same rules notwithstanding the fact that they may have parted ways.

Gibraltar’s gambling industry is one of the most vibrant and lucrative. It will be interesting to see how events unfold especially with regards to the latest developments.


The Best Way on How to Play Online Bingo


Online bingo is becoming one of the most popular games in the UK. There was a prehistoric moment in time where bingo was played in smaller town halls and communities with small groups of people.

BingoThanks to the internet, bingo is available to everyone across the globe. Online bingo’s success is derived from the combination of a fun and casual game with the online social world. Any type of online game and social networks enables people to meet and greet different types of people from across the globe; these people essentially share the same common interests from one hobby.

The Best Online Bingo Sites

Let’s admit one thing; there are a lot of bingo sites available. The trick question that someone new might ask themselves, what is the best site available? Of course some sites are better than others. With that being said, the criteria of a good bingo site are based on your personal needs. The average bingo player looks for in a bingo site is community, gaming options, and bonuses. If you are new to playing bingo, it is best to start out with a no deposit website. These types of websites are the most popular because you can play the game without costing you any money and you can still win cash and other great prizes. Free bingo sites are also great to learn how to play and see what other bingo sites have to offer.

Another aspect of a good bingo site is gaming options. The old saying variety is the spice of life applies to this.

A good bingo site offers, but not limited to games such as:

  • 75 ball American bingo
  • 90 ball bingo
  • Speed rounds

Bonuses and Promotions

Many online bingo sites offer bonuses for its new and loyal members on their sites. A good site offers bonuses ranging from 100% or higher first deposit bonuses. Promotional offers also help with free extra cash to carry over for extended periods of time.


The type of bingo that people are playing in the online community definitely adds to the atmosphere. If you virtually can see people having a good time, chatting with each other, and enjoying their company; chances are, you are in a good place to start playing.

Playing online bingo can be a fun and exciting online social experience. Whether you are a new player or a veteran; there is something for everyone when playing online bingo. With the right mixture of cash, friends, and the right site you are almost guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


6 Strategies to Winning Online Bingo

If online bingo was a powerful whirlwind, no one would resist getting swept away. Playing online bingo is not only fun, but a thrilling journey filled with plenty of emotions. It is full of highs and lows and twist and turns, but at the end of the game, nobody can resist partaking in another round. However, nobody plays bingo for sheer fun and adventure; we all play to win, and we’re always looking forward to winning another round.

Whether you are an amateur or you’ve been at it for a long time, here are some strategies and tips to get you on an online bingo winning spree.

1.Prepare yourself

Preparation includes bracing yourself for the rollercoaster of emotions you’re about to experience. If you’re a beginner, you can do this by trying your luck at some bingo sites for more real bingo game experience. You should also ensure that you are settled in good time and that you have everything you need before you start the game.

2.Purchase your ticket

After getting prepared, the next step is logging in to your favorite bingo site to find out when your game is ready to start. After confirming the time, purchase your ticket early enough so that you’re ready when the first number is drawn. If the game is yet to begin, you can take some time to familiarize yourself with your fellow players in the chat room. Have some fun with them, share tips and tricks, and gauge the competition. These light moments with your fellow players will calm your nerves and help you relax in time for the game.

3.When the game is about to start

Finally, the game is about to start, and the clock is ticking down. It is always advisable to shut down any distractions at this stage, including chat room pop-ups. Also, stay away from friends or family and concentrate fully on the game.

4.Don’t celebrate or get devastated too soon

When the game starts, and you seem to be on a roll, winning as each number gets called out, don’t let the excitement take its toll on you. Celebrating too soon will make you lose focus in the game, and your opponents could soon catch up with you. Also, if another player seems to be ahead of you, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Remember that bingo is a game of chance and you never know when lady luck will come knocking on your door.

5.Playing many books might pay sometimes

If you’re a pro and you think you are capable of it, you can purchase more than one ticket to increase your chances of winning. However, playing many books also puts you at the risk of missing numbers as they are called. Know your limitations and work out your odds of winning using this strategy before indulging. For example, if there are 20 of you in the game and everyone has 20 tickets, then your chance of winning is 5%. Alternatively, if you have four tickets and everyone else has one, your chance of winning rises to 17%. However, missing out on any numbers called could reduce your winning chance to 0%.


Just like we’ve said before, the goal of playing online bingo is to win. Whether it is by sheer luck or combining several strategies, nothing beats the feeling of watching the last piece of your puzzle fall into place and finally getting to push that bingo button. As your cash starts streaming in, you’ll find that your zeal for playing online bingo is insatiable, and you’ll always be up to another round.


‘Nobody Harmed By Gambling:’ William Hill Commits To Eradicating Problem Gambling

William Hill has admitted that problem gambling is a major social problem in the United Kingdom. The firm admitted that it together with the industry players have failed in tracking the harm caused by problem gambling.

William HillOn the 16th of July, 2018, William Hill launched a new corporate objective ‘Nobody Harmed by Gambling’ to guide his or her efforts in eradicating problem gambling in the United Kingdom. The initiative has seen the firm place corporate sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of its daily operations.

William Hill’s initiative follows pressure from Gambling Commission and stakeholders in the sector on the need to reduce problem gambling rates with a major focus on television advertising. The Gambling Commission estimates that more than 430,000 Britons are problem gamblers. Additionally, two million Britons are at risk of becoming problem gamblers. The commission has also proved that for every problem gambler, six people in the society are affected.

The firm appointed Lyndsay Wright as its first director of sustainability and tasked her with the duty of implementing the new campaign. Her appointment adds on to her existing responsibilities of investor relations and strategy.

Announcing the campaign, Wright insisted that it was a critical move for the firm more so considering its future. She said, “We are an 84-year-old business, and if we want to be here for the next 84 years, we have got to do this the right way.” She argued that identifying the right solution to problem gambling is the only way the firm would be guaranteed of its long-term success.

Hills campaign’s immediate action plan is to push for registered play across all gambling products and improving advertisements on live sports.

Additionally, Hills published nine core commitments that will guide its long-term social responsibility of having a responsible gambling society. The nine commitments detail immediate actions, long-term programmes, and wider collaborations.

Immediate actions will entail pilot mandatory tools for its at-risk customers. Through the action, Hills is seeking to impose time limits for players aged between 18 and 21 years.

It intends to avail better data to its customers as a way of helping them make more conscious gambling decisions.

Hills also plans to roll out robust training programmes on its customers in partnership with gambling experts. Through the training, Hills will improve gambling literacy so that its customers make informed choices.

The campaign’s long-term programmes will include creating a responsible gambling innovation fund, developing key performance indicators on responsible gambling, and developing a new program for its workforce to work with problem gambling support organizations in the community.

As part of the nine collaborations, William Hills will develop ‘wider collaborations.’ The firm will convene experts so that they can crowdsource on new ideas and share the strategies that have worked for them, drive change on television advertising during live sports events, and push for industry-wide adoption of mandatory account-based pay.

Wright announced that the staff training will be structured based on the findings and research carried out by BetKnowMore UK program. She also stated that the firm is seeking community partners to enhance the staff training. Wright emphasized that the training would be done at all levels of the firm’s corporate management structure.

Wright expressed concerns that over the years, people’s perception of gambling has changed negatively. She revealed that the evident change prompted the firm to start thinking of a strategy they can employ to eradicate problem gambling nine months ago.

Addressing the firm’s target with the new campaign, Wright said, “We want our customers to enjoy gambling and stay gambling for the long term, but that can only mean they can gamble what they can afford.”

Emphasizing the importance of ‘Nobody Harmed By Gambling’ Phillip Bowcock, William Hill’s Group Chief Executive, insisted that the industry must recognize the ‘hidden side’ of gambling and help customers not fall victims. “Society expects it, our customers need it, and a sustainable future for William Hill depends on it.”


Sun Bingo Introduces New Sponsorship

Sun Bingo has been popular for quite some time now. They are ready to kick off their latest sponsorship for the Jeremy Kyle Show. The team also brought back Jayde Adams as the face of their recent live TV programming.

Fans are tuning in and the move seems to be a resounding success for many people out there. Sun Bingo is ready to revitalize their game show format very soon. TV viewers are waiting to catch a glimpse of the latest action as it unfolds live as well. Follow some of the decision making processes that underlie those kinds of decisions.

Hannah Swales is the head of Sun Bingo and wants to voice her opinion. She has been at the forefront of some recent changes to the industry. That has helped people identify some of the major changes taking place for the firm. Hannah Swales is an excellent leader and wants to show why she is a success. The firm is ready to expand and people are seeing big steps with the sponsorship. Sun Bingo now has a license to use the show’s media assets over time. The TV show has actually had many different sponsors over the years. That includes several high profiles, long-running sponsors as well.

There have been some comments issued by the leading TV firm. Hannah Swales says that the new sponsorship is good news for them. It could help them reach an all-new television audience out there. People look forward to viewing the programming for themselves when they get a chance. Hannah Swales is confident that the television advertisement will work as intended. That gets the programming started for those who are interested in the details. The TV firm is popular and has changed the way that people tend to do their business. They want to raise awareness about the television program itself in time.

Sun Bingo does have a license to use the TV show’s media assets. New sponsorship is getting underway and that could be a difference maker as well. There are news reports surfacing that will keep Sun Bingo in the conversation. That is a big step forward and people want to give that a try for themselves. Sun Bingo has been an important leader in that regard. They are experts when it comes to new sponsorship and the types of services that can be arranged. The Jeremy Kyle show arrangement is a great example of that.

Follow some of the feedback left by their TV viewers. Many people in the UK have become fans of the TV show in real time. Their devoted attention is a worthwhile option for viewers on the market. That inspires people who want to capture the action live as well. Sun Bingo can be a difference maker that people will follow too. The sponsorship represents an aspect of trust between the show creators and fans alike. People will tune in to catch the action as it unfolds live on television. That bodes well for the future of the television series.

Watch the show to see what changes are now taking place. The creative team wants to emphasize some of the changes that they have made. Their representatives are quickly working to make simple changes more palpable. The television series has showcased some incredible changes along the way. The head of Sun Bingo has changed a lot of perspectives on advertising itself. That could give the show a chance that it needs to succeed on the whole. People admire that kind of dedication to viewers following along. That is a great new detail that will be followed in time.



Gambling Advertisements During World Cup Coverage Brings Criticism

The recently concluded 2018 World Cup in Russia saw an unprecedented amount of television advertising for the gambling industry. While it may have netted ITV a considerable windfall, with a 30-second spot costing as much as £350,000, the television network is now facing a barrage of criticism.

englandResearchers under the auspices of The University of Sheffield monitored the entire television advertising breakdown during World Cup telecasts. Even the bottom figure of 17% of adverts being for Internet-based casinos and bookmakers is enough to bring the ire of many detractors.

It reported a figure of £2.5 billion having been bet in the UK on the World Cup. With England reaching the semifinal, the constant presence of gambling-related ads found an immense market for established and potential customers.

The commercials were shown with such frequency as to surpass such traditionally strong advertising segments as the alcohol and fast-food brand industries. Astoundingly, gambling ads accounted for nearly four times those of the fast-food brands. A major factor in ITV’s ability to be able to place gambling advertising on programming for the World Cup is the provision in the UK that exempts live sports events from the usual pre-9pm restriction on gambling advertisements. With no stricture on the time of day, the audience could not be limited to a particular target segment of viewers. This meant children, young adults, and even those to whom wagering was never an interest, could be exposed, and potentially enticed by the adverts.

A statement from the chief executive of GambleAware stated that this sort of advertising leads to the “normalization” of sports gambling, and gambling in general. TheTimes points out a tripling in the number of wagers made by women just since the last World Cup.

The concerns of GambleAware Marc Etches go to the very root of creating new gamblers from children and teens throughout the UK. The interweaving of advertisements with sport and video games dilutes the interest in the activity itself and changes the focus onto the idea that one can make money off the outcome of these activities. Labour party deputy, Tom Watson, has joined in with GambleAware in calling for a mandated levy on the gambling industry. With a view to shielding children from potentially harmful advertising on video games, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has banned advertisements from ProgressPlay, which were seen as specifically targeted children and young people.

Whether ITV’s gambit proves to be more detrimental than it was profitable remains to be seen. Campaigners have been previously disappointed by lack of government regulation over gambling advertising. Bookmakers and online gambling entities experienced a profitable run over the weeks of the recent World Cup. However, with an estimated 400,000 problem gamblers in the UK, the campaigners are determined to stem this trend in advertising. Despite a widening demographic of those who gamble on such major events as the World Cup, it is likely that many viewers find the proliferation of ads goading them on to wager not really to their liking. Online casinos have increased their advertising budget by nearly 100% since 2012. It remains to be seen if they have reached the point of market saturation and, more essentially, public tolerance.



New Report Shows the Effects of Gambling on the British Society

A new methodology of assessing the real impact of gambling effects on the British society has been published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) today.

Gambling CommissionThe timeline of activities was created by Dr, Heather Wardle who is the representative for the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) and also one of the highly sought independent advisers for the main gambling regulation body in the UK. The report followed collaboration between UKGC, RGSB, and GambleAware which is a UK-based gambling problem charity that provided funding for the activity. The activity is aiming at finding a better means of measuring and understanding the effects and the price that the British society is paying as a result of gambling activities.

The report which was released recently highlighted that most consumers are usually able to take part in gambling activities without having to deal with any negative effects, but the commission was not going to ignore the possible consequences that gambling activities pose on the society, in general, starting with families and individuals who take part in gambling. This is according to the CEO of the commission Neil McArthur.

According to Mr. McArthur, the main part of the process of understanding the negative consequences of gambling and analyzing the impact on the British Society as well as the economic impact had already been found and that there was a lot to be done in future. Mr. McArthur explained that the commission was committed to providing all the necessary support to give the public health officials the necessary push to reach a larger portion of the public. The gambling industry to work hand in hand with the gambling regulatory body and give their views on the subject to have a result-oriented process that will ensure the prevention of gambling-related negative effects is successful.

The report which blazes the trail in the fight against bad gambling practices was aimed at coming up with proper methods of measuring the impact of gambling-related activities on various aspects of the British Society that can be used. The various aspects include family, relationships, finances and health.

The report was aimed at coming up with a common definition of gambling-related activities that are harmful which all the stakeholders in the process; the public, law enforcers, policymakers and health officials can use. The report pointed out that the effects of gambling can be damaging the lives of those involved in gambling both in the short term and long term. The survey also sought to expound on the social as well as economic effects which gambling-related harm could bring and hence gambling should be properly monitored, measured and the public educated on the same.

The other main aim of the report was to set and create an effective system for action which accommodated the impact of gambling-related activities on the affected individuals taking part in gambling as well as their families and their communities in general. The RGSB and the UKGC are determined to find out the most efficient method of measuring the cost of harm which these activities bring upon the society as a whole.

Dr. Heather Wardle who was the lead author of the report said the report was a huge milestone in the journey towards understanding and educating society on the effects of gambling. This, she said is a major leap as it details the impact of gambling not only on the individual but also on friends, family, and communities that make up the British Society.

Marc Etches, CEO of Gamble Aware in his remarks stated that gambling is a public health issue that has detrimental social and economic consequences.