Best Bingo Offers: Top 10 – Sept. 15-21, 2018

Top 10: Best Bingo Offers

Here’s our weekly roundup of last week’s Top 10: Best Bingo Offers sent by email.

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Best Bingo Offers: Top 10 – Sept. 8-14, 2018

Top 10: Best Bingo Offers

Here’s our weekly roundup of last week’s Top 10: Best Bingo Offers sent by email.

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Best Bingo Offers: Top 10 – Aug 31-Sept. 7, 2018

Top 10: Best Bingo Offers

Here’s our weekly roundup of last week’s Top 10: Best Bingo Offers sent by email.

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Two Leading Online Bingo Sites Ordered to Scrap Unfair Withdrawal Limits

The United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has named Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play as the leading bingo sites in the country in restricting players from withdrawing their winnings. They have been accused of erecting hurdles in the form of policies with an aim of causing players to continue gambling.

The move by CMA to name and shame Progress Play and Jumpman Gaming followed the release of an investigative report that was published towards the end of August this year. For the past two years, CMA has been undertaking an investigation on bingo firms’ release of players’ winnings.

Online bingo players in the UK have for many years in the recent past complained about restrictions that bingo sites imposed on withdrawals. The players are left in a state where they cannot access their money despite having worn it because of the unfair practices by bingo sites. Their complaints were taken up by CMA where it sought to understand the issue through an in-depth investigation.

The investigation found that some of the bingo sites in the UK market operate dubious policies which are a violation of customer rights. The authority cited a case where bingo sites state in their terms and conditions that players’ balances will be seized if their accounts remain inactive for a given period of time. CMA viewed this detrimental policy as a way of compelling players to gamble more. CMA also found that in some of the cases, winnings are confiscated if bingo players do not show proof of their identity within a given period.

The report also found that bingo sites were restricting the amount that a player can withdrawal at a time. Worse still, other bingo sites were found to be using money laundering controls in a selective manner with a view of delaying withdraws from the winning accounts.

Commenting on the investigative report, George Lusty, senior director at CMA said that individuals who opt to bet in the online bingo sites should be allowed to walk away with their winnings anytime that they desire. Progress Play operates on a business to customer and business to business basis. Jumpman Gaming provides an underpinning of other sites through a business to business engagement. It also operates on a business to customer basis by offering slot sites and online bingo.

The UK Gambling Commission has taken up the issues mentioned in the report and emphasized on the need for operators to offer fair policies to players. It warned that bingo operators engaging in the dubious practices would face strict actions.

Commenting on the issue, Paul Hope, the executive director of UKGC said, “Gambling firms should not be placing unreasonable restrictions on when and how customers can take money out of their accounts.” He urged operators to align their policies with the findings in the CMA’s report.

After their naming and shaming, Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play agreed to scrap the restrictions they had been applying on customer withdrawals. Speaking on the issue, George Lusty confirmed that Progress Play had agreed to do away with its ID check response times and warned other bingo operators that action will be taken against them if they do not follow suit.

CMA and UKGC have been working together to intensify they oversight in the gambling sector. Their efforts have seen UKGC impose fines to operators for violations of betting laws by tenfold in the last financial year 2017/2018 compared to the previous years.

UKGC has warned that unless bingo sites observe standards, fines and penalties will “escalate relentlessly.”


Best Bingo Offers: Top 10 – Aug 25-30, 2018

Top 10: Best Bingo Offers

Here’s our weekly roundup of last week’s Top 10: Best Bingo Offers sent by email.

Join the list today to get these offers LIVE, as they happen.



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Competition in the UK Bingo Market Set to Intensify

Authentic Gaming, a European gambling services firm, is set to start operations in the United Kingdom after the government agreed to its expansion plans. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) gave a license approval to Authentic Gaming so that it can operate its live bingo games in the country. The United Kingdom is a huge and potential market for Authentic Gaming.

It has applied for an operation license considering the value of the industry. It received a nod from the UKGC and now it is ready to enter the UK bingo games market. Authentic Gaming is known for its wide range of live bingo and casino games. Its flagship Authentic Roulette product is streamed live from casino floors across the world. It offers “a portfolio packaged with cutting-edge and engaging live roulette games.” Some of its casino resorts offering live games include; the live arena auto roulette in Malta, Foxwood resort casino in the United States of America, the platinum casino located at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bucharest, the royal casino in Denmark, the Saint-Vincent casino in Italy, and Casino international Batumi located at the Hilton hotel in Georgia.

With the entry of Authentic Gaming, UK bingo market will become competitive. Already, firms such as Mecca Bingo, paddy power bingo, and sun bingo among others are operating in the country. The UK bingo player will have a wider variety to choose from and hopefully, the market will grow. An increase in the number of bingo sites will trigger the development of more compelling adverts as the firms seek to make profits. Authentic gaming distinguishes itself with the focus on regulated markets. Its commitment to regulated betting shows its commitment to eradicating problem betting. Its entry into the UK market is an effort to leverage on the existing need for responsible betting to develop loyal customers.

Authentic Gaming’s entry into the country will mark the first time its live dealer games will be availed to UK players. The firm has been working with UK-licensed gambling operators and specifically LeoVegas and Mr. Green. Its operations in the country are therefore expected to grow fast owing to its already existing market which accounts for nearly half of its client base.

The company is hopeful that entry into the UK market will strengthen its business and make it better positioned going into the future. Commenting on the issuance of the operating license, Jona Delin, the Chief Executive Officer of Authentic Gaming argued that the UK market is a crucial one for the company as it pursues a strategy of expanding to regulated markets. Considering that half of the firm’s client base already has UKGC license, Delin said, “We are eager to bring our games to market – we know they will be a huge hit in the UK players.”

Expressing the firm’s commitment to worthwhile experiences in betting, the CEO said, “We are dedicated to taking the live casino experience level, and making it as thrilling and authentic as possible.”We look forward to taking our first wagers from UK players, and showing them just how spectacular and live gaming can be with Authentic Gaming,” he said. The firm is upbeat about bringing its products and bingo games in the UK market.


Rank Group Hits the £2m Mark for Charity Fundraising

Rank Group has reached the £2 million milestones in its fundraising efforts. Employees across its various branches celebrated the achievement.

Rank Group which owns Grosvenor Casinos and Mecca Bingo entered into a partnership with Carers Trust in February 2014. According to John O’Reilly, the Chief Executive of Rank Group, charity is at the heart of the firm’s employees. They took up the challenge by signing the partnership that would see the firm (Rank Group) fundraise resources that would then be channeled to Carers Trust for charity.

Since February 2014, employees at Rank Group have devoted their energies to raising money for the initiative. They embraced every idea that they deemed fit by organizing fundraising activities in their local areas.

The money that is collected through the fundraising efforts is channeled to Rank Cares Grant Fund. The money is then handed over to Carers Trust and used in offering financial support to carers who are sixteen years old and above.

The support offered to the carers is aimed at helping remove barriers that the caring role places bring. Additionally, it helps reduce the stress and isolation that accompanies the caring role. That way, carers can access the much-needed break and interact with other carers to share experiences and learn.

In recognition and support of the devotion that the employees were making in the fundraising initiative, a senior management team at Mecca Bingo took up a challenge dubbed ‘Bushtucker trial challenge.’ It entailed consuming a series of unusual foods such as critter cocktails, buffalo warms on a bed of lettuce sprinkled with dry cricket flour, and mealworms. The challenge turned out to be a success as through it the £2 million milestones was achieved. Customers and other employees participated in the critter challenge, hence, its success.

Speaking at the announcement of the attainment of the milestone, O’Reilly honored the staff members for helping realize the goal. He also stated that Rank Group appreciates the work of Carers Trust and that was the reason employees dedicated their efforts to the course. He said, “It gives me a sense of pride to know that collectively we have been able to make such a strong contribution to the charity.”

O’Reilly also singled out the fundraising activities performed by employees and the reception by the society saying “without their dedication and the incredible support from the communities nationwide, such an achievement just wouldn’t have been possible.”

Reiterating the importance of supporting carers, the company through Terry O’Donnell, the general manager at Mecca Birkenhead said that three in every five people in the UK will become carers at some point in their lives. Additionally, an estimated seven million people are already carers in the UK.

The partnership is its fifth year and has already made a mark on carers charity. The money that Rank Group has raised has been used to support more than 9,000 carers access opportunities to learn new skills, essential equipment, and bring socially isolated carers together.

Giles Meyer, the Chief Executive Officer at Carers Trust, was overwhelmed by Grosvenor Casinos and Mecca Bingo team’s effort and achievement of the milestone. “They have gone above and beyond once again, and we’re delighted to continue our partnership,” he said.

Terry O’Donnell stated that the firm would continue the fundraising efforts to ensure that Carers Trust will continue supporting carers.


Rank Group’s Mecca Bingo Drop by 22 percent in Revenue as the Industry Become Stricter

Rank Group, a leading gambling company in the United Kingdom, has reported a 41% decline in its profits for the financial year ended June 2018. The firm blamed stricter checks and a drop in bingo and casino customers for the drop. It has, however, vowed to put in place a turnaround plan that will see it increase its profits in the coming years.

The group registered a pre-tax drop of 41.4% to £46.7 million for the year that ended on 30th June 2018. At the same time, its revenue dropped by 2.3% to £691 million for the period.

While releasing the report, Rank Group described the previous financial year as a “challenging year.” The group blamed “a disappointing performance” that is registered in its Grosvenor Casinos business which experienced a 6.1% drop in revenues to £373 million in the accounting period.

According to the group, several factors caused the poor performance. First, it blamed the new guidelines that were published by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in September last year. The “enhanced due diligence” requirements for the customers require that more stringent checks are done on punters. As a result, the number of casino goers has declined.

Business was also stalled by the adverse weather conditions that were experienced at the start of the year. Many casino and bingo lovers were forced to stay at home due to the weather and this in return led to a decrease in revenue for the group.

Its Mecca Bingo division registered a 7.9% decline in customer visits over the year. As a result, the division’s revenue dropped by 22.6% to £208.1 million. The operating profits for Mecca declined by 4.3%. However, Rank Group reported that the fall was smaller than expected and attributed the good performance to improved cost controls.

The group also blamed lower win margins for high rollers as a factor reducing traffic to its business. Alongside the poor operating environment, the firm made impairment charges of £26.9 million. The company termed the charges as “exceptional” and included the closure of a casino in Bradford and under performance of five other casinos.

Following the announcement, the group’s shares fell by 6.1% in the London stock exchange. Ed Monk, who is an associate director at Fidelity Personal Investing share dealing platform said that the company’s profit warning in early April coupled with the consistent rise in dividend has eased the situation.

However, the group’s digital business grew by 9% to £122.5 million. The results are indicative that punters were increasingly opting for online betting. Though there was growth in the digital platform, the company reported that there was a slowdown in the second half of the financial year. The slowdown was attributed to the new customer requirements.

John O’Reilly, an industry veteran, and the group’s chief executive said that the company is focusing on a turnaround plan after its decline in profits. “We are now moving quickly to identify key priorities which will begin to realize the significant potential that I have seen first-hand since joining the group in early May.”

He outlined the steps the group was taking by saying “We are taking steps to increase our focus on the customer, to accelerate growth in the digital business, to drive cost efficiencies across the business and to strengthen our organizational capabilities.”


Best Bingo Offers: Top 10 – Aug 18-23, 2018

Top 10: Best Bingo Offers

Here’s our weekly roundup of last week’s Top 10: Best Bingo Offers sent by email.

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Paddy Power Betfair Performs out Spectacularly this Year

Paddy Power Betfair, a leading gambling company, has announced a 7% spike in its annual revenue. This increase covers the six-month duration that commences from January 1st to June 30th. The 7% increase translates to £867 million (€966 million).

Other than the raw increase in the total revenue, there were also increases in other aspects of the income. For instance, the underlying earnings prior to the interest, depreciation, taxation, and amortization increased by 1%. The increased translated to £217 million in terms of constant currency.

According to the same interim results, the profit before tax of the gambling giant rose by 4%. It hit the £106 million mark in the same six-month period. These results coincide with the first two weeks of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They do reflect a strong show of resilience on the part of the company as a whole.

As regards these developments, Peter Jackson, the Chief Executive Officer of Paddy Power Betfair, had these to say: “We have been busy and successful over the last couple of months here.” “In those months, we have made some meaningful strides and progress in our pursuit of the strategic priorities. Our trading in the second quarter was particularly great. All our brands and operating divisions contributed positively to our double-digit growth in revenue.”

He went on to say: “Our revenue from the online betting division grow by 13% in the second quarter.” “In Australia, our revenue rose by 19% in the same time frame notwithstanding the significant tax headwinds.”

The American branch of the group, on the other hand, experienced a 20% increase in revenue in the said duration. The company further stated that it did welcome the decision by the government of the United Kingdom to lower the stakes on the fixed odds betting terminals. It argued that the negative sentiments that were meted out to these terminals had an adverse negative impact on the performance of the company.

Going forward, the group anticipates the earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation, and amortization to lie within the range of £460 million and £480 million, prior to the impact of US sports betting.

It acknowledges this as a reflection of the trading momentum. It further expects the revenue performance to even rise after the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The group is however apprehensive of the upcoming additional Australian taxes.

To further solidify this success streak, the group has decided to put in place appropriate expansion measures. Its subsidiary, FanDuel, has entered into an agreement with the Boyd Gaming. This agreement is designed to bolster the co-operation of the two firms in the sports betting marketing of the United States.

These strategies have further been given a boost by a Supreme Court earlier this year that struck down a 1992 federal law that restricted the acts of sports betting. This decision has vested the leeway of regulating betting to the individual states that constitute the Union.

It waits to be seen the extent that these mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions are going to impact the revenue inflows of the betting firm.