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bgo Bingo No Deposit Full Review

If you love to play bingo but can't always get to the bingo hall, online bingo lets you play when it is convenient for you. With so many bingo sites to choose from, it is a good idea to compare what each offers and choose the one that best suits you. So lets explore what BGO Bingo offers.

The home page is quite colourful and adds to the excitement of the games offered on the site. The "Beat the Boss" logo and the gorilla definitely give the impression of this being a fun site. Of course, more than that if offered to make this a good option for playing online bingo.

400% Extra Bonus

You get 200 spins free just for joining and a 400% extra bonus with your first deposit. An enticement to join like this certainly makes it attractive. Once you have joined, get familiar with the site so you know where to go to find the games when you are ready to choose a game. The best place to start is the "How to Play" page. You will learn everything you need to know on this page, such as how to find games and buy tickets.

Major Jackpot Bingo Games

After clicking on "How to Play", you will see the How to Play page with important information about joining, finding games, buying tickets, withdrawing winnings and explanations for some of the major jackpots bingo games. Clicking on "Patterns" takes you to the page that explains the pattern bingo games and how to play them. The next page is "Chat Games" where you will find out about some side games that can be played while you are playing your main BGO Bingo game, which adds to the fun.

"Chat Guidelines" is an important page to read before joining in on the chats so you know what is acceptable and what is not. The rules outlined here are to ensure you and everyone else is able to enjoy your time on the site without incident.

If you are confused by the anacronyms used in chat, check out the "Bingo Lingo" page. It will solve the mystery for you. After that, go to the "Progressives" page to learn about the progressive jackpot games. After reviewing these games, click on the Bingo tab to choose from among the many, creatively named games and have fun playing.

*New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

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