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The Chase - Gala Bingo Full Review

THE CHASE host Bradley Walsh was in high spirits as he hosted today's instalment of the popular game show. Although it launched way in April of this year, it is possible you haven't heard of XBingocom till recently. Because of the brand new sponsorship of ITV's quiz show The Chase.

It is clear to determine that the room appears quite similar to other themed rooms, when you enter The Chase Bingo room for the very first time. We've already seen Gala Bingo introduce Coronation Street Bingo and more recently Emmerdale Bingo but whilst these are opera, the brand new themed game is dependant on a daytime TV quiz show. We popped along to have a look at the new game and if you're a devotee of the show, we think you'll love The Chase Bingo!.

Games Shown on TV

For those who have sufficient time to catch up on television throughout the day, and you are a lover of quiz shows, then the odds are you'll have seen Bradley Walsh host The Chase. This popular brand have previously secured exclusive rights Emmerdale Bingo as well as the latest addition is The Chase Bingo. They stay mostly for the website and log on to Gala Bingo to win some cash from themselves on the brand new game in costume depending on The Chase.

The Chase Arrived at Gala Bingo

Not only have they launched The Chase slot game in line with the Bradley Walshfronted success show, but they have also come up with all The Chase Bingo a neat, feature bingo game that is branded. They presently host a few soap opera names including Emmerdale and Coronation Street, but now bingo based on the favorite game show The Chase has also arrived at Gala Bingo.

The sole thing that actually helps it be obvious that this is really a themed room is The Chase branding as you go into the room. This year has seen its exposure increases on ITV by signing up as the year long patron of quiz show The Chase, supplementing existing gaming partner deals with Emmerdale and Coronation Street. In the event you are a devotee of Gala Bingo you'll be aware that the site already has a number of exclusive deals with popular TV shows.

Popular International Franchise

It's been so successfull that The Chase is now a popular international franchise with variant that is regional in the:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Turkey

Every time a player purchases a bingo ticket, they earn Buzz Points which are loyalty points that may be cashed in once enough have been amassed. If an amount just isn't chosen through this time frame, the player will have 10 seconds to select an amount the mid value will probably be chosen by default. In case the player reaches residence before being caught they'll win the amount picked at the start of the sport. If the player reach home before The Chaser, they'll win the amount chosen at the start of the sport.

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